We are now offering a full line of cast iron masonry heater and oven hardware!

Masonry heaters are clean-burning, efficient and sustainable centerpieces for heating your home.  While they may look like conventional fireplaces…. masonry heaters have channels inside them that absorb much more of the heat generated by the fire and then give that heat off into the space they are heating over a longer period of time.  A well-designed masonry heater is sized so that a 2-3 hour fire in the evening supplies enough heat to the space for it to stay warm until the next evening when it is fired again.  Most heaters are used as a house’s primary heat source and do not require electrical power to function.  Heaters can include cooking and water heating functions as well.

We have experience in every aspect of masonry heater realization – from conceptual design through documentation to construction.  Please contact us if you would like to take the next step in including a masonry heater in your home.

Masonry Heater Design Resources