Our mission is to foster a community of skilled masonry heater and wood-fired oven builders.
We supply hardware, publish articles, and host a forum for DIYers and Professionals.

Masonry Heater Hardware

We sell hardware for custom masonry heater, batch box, rocket mass heater and cookstove construction including firebox doors, oven doors, bypass dampers, cleanout doors, ash doors, cooktops and grates. Easy to shop and ready to ship!

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Innovators in Wood-Fired Heating & Cooking

Our business is evolving! We are going to focus on supporting other designers and builders in 2023.
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Brick masonry heater built in home living room

Custom Masonry Heaters

Masonry heaters are the best way to heat your home in a comfortable, ecological & sustainable way. Custom heaters provide you the opportunity to choose the design and finishes that best integrate into your home.

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Wood-Fired Ovens

We are experts in residential and commercial bread and pizza ovens. We also combine ovens with grills, countertops & storage to make the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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Father and child looking at inside of wood-fired oven
Custom outdoor kitchen with wood-fired oven

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you’re looking for an intimate place to dine and entertain with friends and family or looking to expand the dining possibilities of your farm or vineyard—outdoor kitchens will take your hospitality to new levels. Take a look at some of work and begin dreaming.

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