Compact Contraflow Masonry Heater

Conceptual Plans

The basic pattern of this heater is called a Contraflow which sees the combustion gases leaving the firebox and splitting into two symmetric downdraft channels before joining in a manifold in the bottom courses and making there way to the chimney. We made a custom 4″x8″ pivoting damper to allow for an operable shortcut for the gases to easily get to the chimney on startup and when re-loading. The forum topic on this post is a good place to post any questions and ask for further clarification.

The section drawings are available for sale. Please contact us to inquire.

Process Photos

These photos are shared for those interested in studying the build. Heater building is a skilled craft and we don’t recommend building one without proper training. The Masonry Heater Association of North America provides this kind of training and is a good resource to learn more. Understanding expansion joints in heater construction is an important part of understanding the build. The plaster is a build-up of layers…. stay tuned for an article on plaster finishes for masonry heaters.

Hardware For This Heater

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