Cooking in the Bali Wood-Fired Oven

We love cooking all kinds of dishes in wood-fired ovens! Along with making some of the best pizza and bread; cooks can also roast meats and vegetables, make hearty stocks, delicious pots of beans, your family’s favorite pies, grill, sauté, dehydrate and so much more. Here are some photos and videos of a recent trip back to Bali to cook in a wood-fired oven which we built in 2012.

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Cook in Your Fireplace!

Ever looked at the fireplace in your house and wondered what useful function it serves anymore? Why not cook with it! Especially in the shoulder seasons when it’s not quite warm enough to BBQ outside, cooking in your fireplace is a wonderful way to increase the fun and coziness factor while getting dinner on the table! Cooking with fire is definitely an art, and one that is mostly learned through experience. So let’s get started!

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Wood-Fired Grilling!

Here is a journal of BBQ’ing “parilla” style at home.  You can see next to the grill is an apparatus designed to let coals drop in order to shovel easily shovel them underneath the grill.  It is referred to as the “brasero”.  I usually start my fire where I will actually be grilling in order

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Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven

The new Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven was built during the Natural Building Colloquium at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM. The Griddle Oven was designed by Flemming Abrahamson of Fornyet Energi and built in a workshop led by Flemming and Max Edleson of Firespeaking. The Griddle Oven features a rocket-style combustion box which offers clean

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