Wood-Fired Grilling!

Here is a journal of BBQ’ing “parilla” style at home.  You can see next to the grill is an apparatus designed to let coals drop in order to shovel easily shovel them underneath the grill.  It is referred to as the “brasero”.  I usually start my fire where I will actually be grilling in order to heat the space and the bricks around it and then eventually move the fire over to the brasero in order to place the grill and continue producing coals.  It would be a significant improvement to our temporary home set up to have an adjustable height grill.






Interesting New York Times articles chronicling recent growing interest in grilling using wood as the primary fuel:

This is a “scrapbook” of images chronicling my exploration of Argentine-style BBQ’ing.  The actual grill itself is referred to as a “parilla”.  A traditional assortment of sausages and meat cooked on the grilled is referred to as an “asado”.

Here is the grill I made with students at Aprovecho in the Metalwork segment of Aprovecho’s Appropriate Technologies class:



Here is the grill I came across in a backyard of some friends in Argentina that inspired the one we made.  Grill set-ups and outdoor kitchens can obviously be much more elaborate than this one but I found the metalwork to be very practical and also consider the masonry to have a folk beauty to it.



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