Tulikivi TTU 2700 – Large & Versatile Masonry Heater

The Tulikivi TTU 2700 series is powerful and versatile.  It comes with an extra-large firebox option which was designed specifically for the North American market.  Model options include bake ovens facing either way, the addition of a second firebox door to make a see-through firebox, and both pre-designed as well as custom bench solutions.  The TTU 2700 is a top-exit model which means it usually has a chimney coming straight up off the top.

Download Firespeaking’s Tulikivi TTU2700 Model Guide

TTU 2700/5 Square in a European home.
TTU 2700/5 with Custom 2-Sided Bench by Mid-Atlantic Heat.
TTU 2700 Custom by Warmstone Heat.
TTU 2700/2

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