Masonry Heater Hardware Development

We have put a lot of effort into developing additional hardware to complete our catalog of hardware for masonry heaters. Since we have been custom masonry heater builders for almost 20 years, we know how helpful it is to be able to count on all the hardware you need for a project. It slows you down and makes projects expensive if you have to make your own trim plates or invent your own bypass damper. It’s much easier to install soot clean-out doors or ash doors by having masonry frames for them. Read on to learn more about some of these new products.

We are really excited about the new K301 Oven Enclosure:

Here is the production prototype for the new ash drawer. The product that you would receive will be galvanized.

We are also happy to officially launch our 6″x6″ Pivoting Bypass Damper:

We have two types of masonry frames now available:

We also are now providing easy to access amounts of 1/4″ Ceramic Paper Gasketing:

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