Natural Living Workshops at Hawthorn Farm

Woodinville, WA
August 12-21, 2010

Wood-Fired Barrel Oven Workshop (August 12-13-14)

In this weekend workshop you will learn all the skills necessary to build yourself an affordable, practical and productive wood-fired oven.

  • Basics of making and laying adobe bricks
  • Construction of a vaulted arch
  • Principles of building for fire
  • Develop basic natural building intuition

Rustic Carpentry Intensive (August 15-20)

Stay with us during the week for a round-pole carpentry intensive. We will build the roof for the oven which will complete this outdoor kitchen.

  • Use of traditional hand tools
  • Basic round pole joinery
  • Experience in simple, hardy structural design
  • Develop confidence for building your own useful structures

Mastering the Mix (August 20-21)

Learn the basics of earthen plasters by joining us in the finish work on the barrel oven and knead different doughs to bake its first loaves!

  • Intuitive bread baking – sourdoughs, cinammon rolls and pizza
  • Traditional methods to make and apply earthen plasters and paints
  • Use local, natural materials to craft many types of beautiful finishes
  • Apply skills to Natural/ Green Building and Eco Remodeling
  • Special Addition: learn to churn butter and harvest honey

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Location/Host: Hawthorn Farm – Woodinville, WA

This productive, three-acre farm is 20 miles northeast of Seattle.  It is an example of suburban small-farm revival which includes organic gardening; beekeeping; chickens, sheep and horse raising; wool spinning and other fiber crafts.  Alexia is a naturalist and dedicated teacher of wilderness awareness skills.  Find out more about your location and host….


Max Edleson and Eva Miller are accomplished natural builders who are dedicated to facilitating environments in which people can deepen their experiences with natural living crafts.  There vast experience spans across mediums including a large variety of natural building techniques, woodworking, metalworking, farming and ceramics.  Find out more about your instructors….

Workshop Details-

We will receive up to 15 students for either of the two weekend workshops and up to 4 for the Round Pole Carpentry workshop.  Registration and deposit of 25% confirms your spot in the course.

Workshop Prices:
Wood-Fired Barrel Oven Workshop (2 days) $240
Rustic Carpentry Intensive (5 days) $350
Mastering The Mix (2 days) $240
10% discount for registering more than 30 days in advance

Courses include fresh, locally grown meals and exquisite space for camping.

Musical instruments encouraged, the dance floor in the living room is great!

Contact and registration:

To reserve yourself a spot or for inquiries, contact Alexia Allen: 425 286 5640 (CP), 425 488 8605 (H),  Registration and deposits should be sent to Alexia Allen, 17340 NE 195 St., Woodinville, WA 98072 .  We prefer postal money orders; if you send a check, it should be written out to: Levi Old.

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