Masonry Heater Design


We are a design-build company who believes strongly in the importance of design for the successful realization of the project.

The design phase includes:
  • Conversations about your desired result.
  • A review of your floor plan and assistance locating your heater in your floor plan.
  • A back-and-forth of 2D and 3D drawings to get you towards your final goal.
  • Relevant detail drawings for the foundation, chimney, outside air placement, etc.
This process may be conducted in conjunction with an architect or builder.

This product is equal to the value of 7 hours of a lead designer. An additional design budget may be necessary depending on the complexity and creativity of the project.


Here are some good free resources we have prepared as you begin to think about your project:

Here is an example of the kinds of considerations and process necessary for successful masonry heater planning:

And here are some resources to provide further design inspiration:

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