Our footsteps can neither be too complicated that we don’t get where we want to go nor can they be so simple that they are irrecognizable in the paths of time……..

This project was an interesting one because it came with the realization that when one is designing a space, especially a living room/kitchen, it can’t be overcharged with a fixed image (or even a fixed allocation of physical furniture). A living room, which seems to often workout to be the same space as the kitchen for the exact reason that cooking and life go hand in hand, should be flexible. It should offer for the opportunity for the people who live in it to enact an infinite possibility of activities and it should be rearrangeable to re-create the space and continually create inspiring newness in our lived environment.

So the challenge here was to do something artistic, but very subtle, something that would remind one of the uniqueness of the space without limiting in any way the infinite possibilities of identities of the people withing nor of their activities. My friends Marie and Tomas with their sons Gaspar and Maná will be moving in in the next week or two. May their lives in the building be blessed!

(Before and Afters)

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