Barrel Ovens

Barrel Ovens are hybrid metal and mass ovens which offer versatility in cooking, ease of use and can be hot and ready 15 minutes after making a fire. Make your own with this Barrel Oven hardware from our shop!

The Rocket-Fired Barrel Oven

Here is an exciting innovation combining the advantages of a rocket-fired combustion box with the practicality and efficiency of a wood-fired barrel oven.  This idea was developed by Flemming Abrahamsson of Fornyet Energi in Denmark.  See also his brilliant Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven Design, which further combines a cooktop griddle to the configuration. Download Plans as […]

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Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven

The new Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven was built during the Natural Building Colloquium at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM. The Griddle Oven was designed by Flemming Abrahamson of Fornyet Energi and built in a workshop led by Flemming and Max Edleson of Firespeaking. The Griddle Oven features a rocket-style combustion box which offers clean

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