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Medium Barrel Oven

$850.00 $825.00

Oven hardware for a medium sized Barrel Oven which is optimal for a large family and small community wood-fired cooking.


Product Description

A durable, well designed oven for efficient wood fired cooking! This barrel oven features a precision-fabricated 12 ga. steel cylinder; an insulated door and front face; oven rack and shelves. The dimensions for this medium oven are: 20″ diameter, 25″ length – equivalent to a 33 gallon barrel.  The handle and interior bolts are stainless steel.

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Important Ordering Information:

Color: The primary color option is black.  We can do high temperature clear coat or one of these colors as a special order.  Only the exterior front face is painted.  We will contact you after you make your deposit to confirm your preference.

Shipping: You can either pick up your barrel oven at our shop (Eugene, OR) or we can ship it to you via LTL Freight.  The crate for shipping will cost $70 in time and materials and shipping costs will range between $100-$300 depending on where you are in the US.  These costs will be included in your final invoice.  Note: we are only shipping within the US for our initial production runs.  European interest can be directed to our partners in Denmark, Fornyet Energi.

Call us at (541) 688-0948 during Pacific Time business hours if you would like to further discuss your order.

Note: We also produce by special order a larger model of Barrel Oven for community ovens which is 24″ in diameter and 32″ in length.  Soon, we will also be developing a smaller model – code named the “Macrowave”.  Keep up to date by making sure you are on our mailing list.

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