2nd Level Natural Building Courses at Valle Pintado

IMG_4795A four part series to deepen your experience with natural living crafts

Naturally Building for Fire
March 3 – 6, 2010

Come see how little wood it takes to warm your home while creating a lovely hearth.

Join us in building a multi-functional and beautiful masonry heater using natural building techniques.  Masonry heaters are highly efficient fireplaces which are designed to burn cleanly and and maintain much more of the heat inside your home.  They provide a comfortable and environmentally-sound way to heat your home.  Our project will use affordable earthen materials while also incorporating traditional European stove design and modern methods used in the United States.

Cost: $400

March 10 – 13, 2010

Come join us as we make and apply a plaster coat on our new community kitchen.

Learn how to use local, natural materials to craft many types of beautiful finishes.  This course will include information about various interior and exterior treatments as well as tool and application techniques.

Cost: $400

March 9, 2010

Learn how to keep a sharp edge on all kinds of tools so they can do the work for you.

Realize the difference it makes to use sharpened tools!  Bring knives, machetes, shovels, hoes, saws, chainsaws, etc. from your home and garden (or we will provide many!) and we will show you how to sharpen and maintain them.  We will cover a wide range of tools used in rural homesteading including essential tools for working with draft horses, human-scale agriculture and rustic carpentry.

Cost: $60

March 2, 2010

Love the taste of warm, fresh bread?  Ever wanted to make your own?

This course will help you understand the how and why of the bread baking process so you can make delicious loaves.  Learn how to make sourdough, rye, whole wheat, pizza, focaccia, calzone, chocolate bread, savory bread and more. Through hands on sessions and discussions you will learn about growing your own grain and how to thresh, winnow and mill it in order to make bread. We will also talk about different naturally built ovens and their use.

Cost: $60

LOCATION: The following projects will take place at and contribute to the development of Granja Valle Pintado, a small land-based community dedicated to the development of local organic food production, natural building, sustainability, and cultivation of the human spirit. We are located in the beautiful river valley of the Rio Azul on the outskirts of the inspired town of El Bolson in Southern Argentina.

Payment and Registration:

Contact for South America- Alex Edleson , alexe@riseup.net

Rest of the World- Eva Miller, evalarevolution@yahoo.com,  503.333.9042

Spaces Limited.  Reserve your spot through 25% down payment

Accomodations and Food:

Course includes 3 fresh, home grown meals and exquisite space for camping.

Count on live music and fireside discussion!

The members of Granja Valle Pintado have over 10 years of experience in natural building and community-based experiential gatherings.

More information on instructors for this course…

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