Complete Cob Workshop at Cob Cottage Company – Bandon

Jun 11-19, 2011 in Bandon OR

Max & Eva taught a 9 day intensive course called Complete Cob.

Our project was to build a pavillion that is a large part of a budding outdoor kitchen at the home of Bob and Tammy Van. During the nine days, we sculpted this structure with local soil, driftwood, redwood and found windows. The course covered in depth all aspects of cob and building techniques such as foundations, construction of walls, arches for doors andwindows, roofing, plumbing, electric, shelving, furniture, earthen floors, artistic details and finish work. In addition to the outdoor kitchen, Bob and Tammy wanted to renovate their garage into a meeting place and so we also worked with them to remodel their existing stick frame construction with ladder trusses and the participants mixed and installed light straw clay insulation.

Added bonuses were the rumford fireplace we built in the pavillion and plastering the new Cob Masonry Heater at Cob Cottage Company! Our course also covered general natural building strategies such as siting and passive solar design. We had a beautiful time and are so thankful to our generous and talented hosts!

Making the model

Building and Carving

Windows and Arches

Shelves and Chiseling

Ridge Beams, Rafters and Lashing

Making a Rumford and an Earthen Plaster on the Cob Cottage Masonry Heater

Making a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen!

The Cob Pavillion with Rumford Fireplace

More photos of the finished roof, plaster and the straw clay retrofit coming soon…

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