Chicken Palace

Stop motion photography by Jonathan Shaw

We had a lot of fun at the 2010 Village Building Convergence!

In addition to the straw-clay retrofit, Eva Edleson led the construction of this of this Chicken Palace with Sol Crawford and Mark Lakeman at the Planet Repair Institute. These projects were designed by Mark Lakeman. It is Portlands first elevated, spherical, solar-powered Chicken Palace, with a spiral chicken ladder!

To build the Chicken Palace, we began by removing a small fibert tree from the location which we then used for the palace posts. Next, we created a egg-shaped frame that we cut out of scrap plywood. Once we mounted the frame on the posts, we attached branches that served as wall wattle. The walls were then filled out with a straw-clay mix that we wove in. This technique is often called pajareque. The Chicken Palace has a wooden floor and a box in the back to harvest eggs. We inserted 3 roosts for the chickens and also built in colored glass skylights. At the VBC 2011, we will complete the stairs, door and finish plaster.

Join us this year for VBC 2011 – Urban Alchemy !

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