T201 Cooktop


Solid Cast Iron Cooktop at an affordable price!  Ready for many applications of hybrid masonry cookstoves and creative rocket mass heaters.  Replace the barrel of a rocket mass heater with this cooktop for a much higher level of finish.

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Inside Width:      27 1/8″      (690mm)
Inside Height:     17 3/4″      (450mm)

Frame Width:     27 1/2″       (700mm)
Frame Height:    18 1/8″       (460mm)

The Inside measurement refers to the suggested dimensions of the masonry which the cooktop will cover.  The Frame is slightly larger and therefore trims out the masonry.

1/2″ Rope Gasketing to seal between cooktop and masonry is included with this product.

Download PDF of T201 Spec. Sheet

Weight 1200 oz
Dimensions 21.5 × 28 × 4 in
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