If you are in Eugene, Springfield, Coburg or other part of Oregon, you found us! Visit our Client Intake Form to begin your project with us.

If you are looking for a local masonry heater builder in other areas, we recommend that you refer to the Masonry Heater Association (MHA) Member Directory which is an actively maintained list of professionals in the industry who can help you through the design and construction process.

If you are looking to become a masonry heater builder yourself, we recommend that you review this Masonry Heater Builder’s Occupational Analysis to understand the wide skill set required for this interesting trade. We then recommend you reach out to builders in the directory above to apprentice with. Make sure you join our mailing list to receive updates as we develop more educational resources.

This is a developing list of articles on builders who inspire us:

  • The Inspiring Plastered Heaters of L’Esprit du Lieu

    The Inspiring Plastered Heaters of L’Esprit du Lieu

    We are excited to share with you the exciting design and beautiful execution of masonry heaters by a Canadian collective name L’Esprit du Lieu (Spirit of Place). A plastered finish on masonry heaters allows for both a timeless feeling of tradition as well as an elegant modern look.

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