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Natural Plasters & Paints

Deck Family Farm – Cob Cottage

In March and April of 2015, Eva led the finishing of a cob cottage at Deck Family Farm. The clay, straw, wood, manure, and milk for these finishes all came from onsite at this beautiful 320-acre organic farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The main construction of this building was designed and led by Ali Maggio … Read Full Post …

Albany Pallet Building

In 2011, I taught a 3 week workshop and gave a presentation at the Natural Building Extravaganza in NC. A student in the course, Max Livingstone, was intrigued by the pallet building projects I had worked on and consulted with me on how to build his own. In 2015, after Livingstone had completed the main … Read Full Post …

Natural Finishes

We have a decade of experience with fine natural finishes including all kinds and colors of earthen plasters & paints, lime plaster, earthen floors, sculpture, mosaic, and tile. These techniques can be applied to many surfaces including earthen buildings, cement, drywall, and latex paint. Please contact us to discuss your projects and ideas!  We are … Read Full Post …

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