The masonry heater is the center of our lives at home. It has enhanced the quality of our lives. We have enjoyed the large firebox and the pleasure of watching the fire. We also have enjoyed the heat provided in the main living areas of our house, the family room and kitchen. Nothing compares to radiant heat and the warm mass of the heater, love it!

I can’t imagine a home without it. Much different than a wood stove, the mass emanating heat enlivens the room. It’s enjoyable to get up at night and just put hands on the heater to feel the heat of the bricks; it’s satisfying.

It has saved us a lot on energy bills. It was definitely worth the price. 

The style and craftsmanship is exceptional, near perfection. You created small shelves and design details such as arches with the bricks that we look at every day, always a visual treat.

We highly recommend that others consider a masonry heater in remodel or new build. We’re spoiled and can’t imagine life without it!”

Susan Snow & Michael Robinson, Portland, OR

“We have great satisfaction with our masonry heater. What we like most is the resource efficiency, that it uses one load of wood to heat our home for 24 hours. For such a small amount of wood, we get to sit by the fire and enjoy real heat that heats your bones…. We love the heated seats and its overall beauty. We absolutely love our heater!!

We loved having Firespeaking do this installation. I don’t think there was any other contractor we could have been as happy working with.  Design was good, and we are very happy with the final product.  We were building our whole home at the same time so there was a lot going on overall.  The price was very fair, thank you!”

Cassandra Robertson – Corvallis, OR

“I think your level of communication is outstanding. I understood early on what the costs were going to be. I thought the design process you used was efficient and enlightening. You responded well to our suggestions and the limitations of our space.

Our guests all marvel at the beauty and functionality  of the heater. Finding Firespeaking and your willingness to work with me made it all possible and we are very grateful. Our home would not be the same without the heater.”

David Monk, Eugene, OR

“We love the efficient warmth and beauty of the fire. Without question, we experience both energy and wood consumption savings.  Typically the wood heater gets fired up at 6 PM and continues to have a robust fire until 10 PM at which time it is left to go out.  This heats our house adequately for the next  20  hours for a typical western Oregon winter day. I am amazed by how relatively small our wood consumption is- this is significant  not only in terms of monetary cost but also the cost to the environment.

The added benefit is that the masonry wood heater is beautiful and is a piece of art in and of itself  that can be enjoyed year round.  It was unequivocally worth the investment- for me – it was and is  the best feature of our remodel!”

Breeze Chanti, Elmira, OR
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