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SketchUp is the standard design software for masonry heater builders. It provides ability for both 2D drafting as well as detailed 3D models and can be used for concept design as well as highly specific construction models.

Masonry Heater Component Library

Here is a Google Drive Link to a repository we have created of useful components for masonry heater design.

Firespeaking SketchUp Resources v0.1

This is a very early version so check back.

Getting Started

There is a free web-based version where you can get started but we recommend the SketchUp Pro ($299/yr) subscription which includes the desktop software for professionals. It includes both the modeling software called SketchUp as well as the sister program LayOut which allows you to turn your models into well-documented drawings.

Learning SketchUp

Learning SketchUp requires commitment and a significant up-front investment of time. It is like learning a new language.

Here are some good resources for learning SketchUp:

The SketchUp Forums is a great user-driven community where all kinds of SketchUp-related questions are addressed and where you may find help should you get stuck. We have also created a category on the new Firespeaking Forums entitled SketchUp for Heater Builders where you can get help with heater-builder specific SketchUp questions.

Please suggest other useful resources in the comments below.

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