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The Cabin Stove

The Cabin Stove is a compact wood-burning stove for heating and cooking. It uses a mix of clean, efficient combustion, and heat exchange strategies, which provide both immediate heat via the cooktop as well stored heat through the channels inside the brick work. Effectively, it converts wood into warmth and good food.

The Cabin Stove at Rob and Mals 

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This cookstove is a hybrid between rocket mass heater and masonry heater technologies that has precedents throughout the world, especially in Europe. While it embraces many aspects of rocket mass heater design, one of the main differences is that it substitutes the barrel-style heat exchanger for a flat metal cooktop which makes for a compact footprint.  It also includes a batch-style firebox which is characteristic of masonry heater and newer rocket mass heater designs.

Cabin Stove Videos:

Project Map:

  • Build a Cabin Stove in our shop (February 2016)
    • modify firebox
    • include water heating options
  • Put out a second version of the plan set with updates, materials schedule and budget worksheet (March 2016).
  • Build an iteration at Masonry Heater Association Annual Gathering in April (April 2016).
  • Keep developing open source hardware and documentation (2016, 2017).
  • Documentation of experiences & advancement (ongoing).

Design History:

Cabin Stove Hardware:

More Design Background:

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