New Masonry Heater and Oven Hardware Now Available

Firespeaking, LLC is happy to announce that we will now be selling the Fireway line of masonry heater and oven hardware. After carefully vetting the manufacturer and assessing samples, we determined that these products meet a combination of both quality and affordability that can provide something new for the North American market and help to stimulate the industry. We look forward to providing courteous and timely service in delivering this hardware.

The products we now offer from Fireway include a variety of sizes of firebox doors, oven doors, ash doors, cleanout doors, bypass dampers, grates and cooktops. They feature high quality cast iron, refractory glass, high-temperature paint and gasketed connections.

We believe that these new hardware options will be useful for professionals looking for well-made products at a competitive price point as well as for DIYers looking for key components for their projects. In combination, we are optimistic that these products will help to encourage growth, inventiveness and innovation in the industry.

Masonry heaters are clean burning solid fuel heating appliances which provide long-lasting radiant heat ideally suited for heating homes in the suburban and rural context. While they may look like fireplaces, masonry heaters contain internal smoke channels which allow for much greater heat exchange and storage allowing them to radiate warmth up to 24 hours after a fire has gone out. Enhancements include built-in ovens, heated benches, and domestic hot water. Rocket mass heaters and “batch-box” heaters are a subset that have enjoyed popularity, especially amongst DIYers.

Initially, orders will be received either by phone or email. A quote for the price of the products, including shipping and handling, will be prepared. Upon acceptance, an invoice payable by credit card, bank transfer, check or cash will be delivered by email. Upon payment, products will be shipped using either USPS priority flat rate service, UPS or FedEx depending on the order. An online catalog and web-based sales are planned for later this year.

Firespeaking, LLC is a 50/50 partnership owned by Max and Eva Edleson and is located in Eugene, Oregon. Firespeaking has been active in the masonry heater industry for almost 20 years. Those in the industry know that we have worked hard to promote this clean burning, local, sustainable solution for home heating and cooking through the realization of beautiful and functional examples, workshops, our online presence, and our active involvement in the Masonry Heater Association of North America.

Fireway is a brand developed by Tianjin Bohaibay Trading Co.. It’s corporate office is located in Tianjin city and its manufacturing facilities are in the Henan province of China. The company’s founder, Mr. Wang, studied and worked in the heater and stove industry in Europe for 8 years before returning to establish this company in 2008 with a goal of producing high-quality cast-iron products. Fireway products are currently available to heater builders across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The company maintains relationships with key professionals in the industry, including Firespeaking, in order to continue modifying their designs and bring new products to market.

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