Barrel Oven at Portland Waldorf School

Portland Waldorf School Barrel Oven


This Barrel Oven establishes a visual and functional centerpoint for the Portland Waldorf School’s “Living Labs” program.

As the following testimony by the program’s director Kelly Hogan reflects, the Barrel Oven provides a versatile means of cooking as well as a gathering point for the community:

“Our community is in love with our oven! So far we have had a few fires without cooking, baked cookies, roasted chestnuts, baked stuffed apples and made pizza twice. Next week we will make kale chips, soft pretzals and fire mini clay pots made out of a special clay from new mexico. I also have a group of high school seniors that are working on multiple cooking projects this fall using ingredients from our campus and neighborhood. The parent council and board of directors are hosting a community gathering event on Oct 15th just for the sake of gathering in the hearth and to acknowledge how the space strengthens our community. It has been amazing!! Thank you so much for your work and patience with me in our process with the oven. It turned out truly magically.”

This Barrel Oven features Firespeaking’s large size barrel oven metal work: 24″ diameter, 32″ length.

We are currently producing the medium-sized barrel ovens: 20″ diameter, 25″ length. Contact us for special ordered large ones.


This oven was built by Max Edleson and assistant Shay Hohmann. The beautiful roof structure was headed up by Tim Owen-Kennedy and Tom Myers. The whole project wouldn’t have been possible without the work and dedication of Kelly Hogan.


This Barrel Oven employs the technique used in masonry heater construction of creating a “double skin” by having an inside layer of masonry that is separated from the outside layer in order to hide any of the stresses from thermal expansion in the inside layer. In this case, we have also used this technique to experiment with the use of IFBs, insulative fire brick, in the vault to focus heat exchange into the metal cylinder rather than into the surrounding masonry. Stay tuned for a separate post detailing this oven’s construction.

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Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven


The new Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven was built during the Natural Building Colloquium at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM. The Griddle Oven was designed and built by Flemming Abrahamson of Fornyet Energi and Max Edleson of Firespeaking.

The Griddle Oven features a rocket-style combustion box which offers clean combustion as demonstrated by virtually no visible smoke exiting the chimney. The heat generated travels beneath the griddle top as it also wraps completely around the barrel oven before exiting the chimney. The result is a rocket stove with amazing versatility as it efficiently cooks just about any type of food you can imagine and can also be utilized to heat your home. Pancakes, fajitas, eggs and more can be cooked on the top griddle surface while lasagnas, bread, stews and pies can bake in the barrel oven below.









This Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven is an original design pioneered by Flemming, using hardware produced by Firespeaking. This Griddle Oven is optimized for community scale outdoor cooking.

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Big Bear Camp Barrel Oven

We were very happy to get hired by our neighbors Hal and Tonia of Big Bear Camp to lead a workshop to build a Barrel Oven. We took the opportunity to make our first glass door for the Barrel Oven Kit and are thrilled by the result. We think it speaks for itself….





In its last year of existence, the oven has already cooked food for a number of monthly neighborhood pizza parties, been part of the October menu for the Epicurean Bears Club, as well as helped prepare the feast for a pre-Thanksgiving get-together. We love seeing the glow of the fire as the food is cooking. Hal and Tonia report that they often just sit with the oven and a cup of tea as it is pre-heating. Stay tuned for a post about the neighborhood kids and their Big Bear Camp Barrel Oven baked gingerbread houses!


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