Decorative Brick & Tile Masonry Heater

This is an initial photo report of a recently completed masonry heater with inline wood-fired oven built in Grants Pass, OR.  The heater uses Balmoral brick and tile details that the client provided, along with polished concrete details made in our shop.

The core:

The craftsman: Max Edleson of Firespeaking and Jeremiah Church of Boreal Heat!    

Detail of Polished Concrete:

The Rocket-Fired Barrel Oven

Here is an exciting innovation combining the advantages of a rocket-fired combustion box with the practicality and efficiency of a wood-fired barrel oven.  This idea was developed by Flemming Abrahamsson of Fornyet Energi in Denmark.  See also his brilliant Rocket-Fired Griddle Oven Design, which further combines a cooktop griddle to the configuration.

This is an important evolution in the barrel oven concept because it both improves combustion and does away with the need for the additional hardware beyond the barrel of a firebox door, grate and ash drawer.  Notice the very simple yet clever sections sketched at 1 and 2 which demonstrate how the flue path is baffled to improve heat exchange.

Flemming has agreed to provide these drawings and the photos of a build sequence for free in order to maximize their potential reach.  You can contact Flemming for project specific design/consultation and also for barrel oven hardware in Europe.

Masonry Heater Staircases

Staircases and masonry heaters both provide essential functions yet take up substantial floorspace.  Placing a heater near a stair case requires respecting proper clearances to combustibles and can sometimes lead to tricky finish details or awkward spaces.  Why not combine these two important functions into one!?  Here are some ideas….

Staircase Heater by Roland Voppel of Vuurmeesters (photo credit: Fred Roest)

Staircase heater by Brian Klipfel of Fireworks Masonry and Marty Pearson of Stone Comfort

Staircase Heater by Pál Szentgróti of Szentgróti Manufaktúra

Heater by Flemming Abrahammson of Fornyet Energi

Heater by Flemming Abrahammson of Fornyet Energi

Heater by Flemming Abrahammson of Fornyet Energi

Back of Staircase Heater by Firespeaking.  (full project report)

Staircase Heater by Warmstone Heat. Built by Ron Pihl, Dale Hisler and Jerry Jessen.

Design Work by Chris Springer of Iron Hammer Stoneworks

Rocket Mass Heater with heat exchange in staircase by Fornyet Energi.

All images used with expressed consent!

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Tax Credits for Masonry Heaters

We think that there are no current US federal-level tax credits for the installation of masonry heaters.  We do not know about any specific state-level programs either.  If you know of any examples to draw resources from, please let us know!

Here is a tiny step of progress towards having Masonry Heaters recognized as legitimate modern local biomass fuel burning appliances:

Letter to Jeff Merkley Re BTU Act


Response from Merkeley

Tulikivi TTU 2700 – Large & Versatile Masonry Heater

The Tulikivi TTU 2700 series is powerful and versatile.  It comes with an extra-large firebox option which was designed specifically for the North American market.  Model options include bake ovens facing either way, the addition of a second firebox door to make a see-through firebox, and both pre-designed as well as custom bench solutions.  The TTU 2700 is a top-exit model which means it usually has a chimney coming straight up off the top.

Download Firespeaking’s Tulikivi TTU2700 Model Guide

TTU 2700/5 Square in a European home.

TTU 2700/5 with Custom 2-Sided Bench by Mid-Atlantic Heat.

TTU 2700 Custom by Warmstone Heat.

TTU 2700/2