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Bamboo Splitter

Firespeaking is now selling bamboo splitters that we hand-make in our workshop.  These splitters are made with welded steel.  They are bigger and more rugged than the ones commonly sold which are cast and imported from Japan.  You can use these to work with larger diameter timber bamboos and they will last longer than their cast counterparts.

You can use these to split a variety of bamboo into strips in with little force.
Strips can then be used for building, baskets, fences, etc.

We have versions that can quickly split 6, 8 and 12 strips.


6-way splitter $80+ shipping, 8-way splitter $94 + shipping, 12-way splitter $130 + shipping.

Contact us with details of which splitter you are interested in.

Bamboo SplitterBamboo SplitterBamboo Splitter

Bamboo SplitterBamboo SplitterBamboo Splitter

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