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Wood-Fired “Barrel” Ovens

Wood-Fired Earthen Ovens

Handmade Crafts and Tools

We also do round-pole and rustic carpentry, wood-fired ovens, kilns, earthen wall systems, natural finishes and permaculture-based design.  Check out out our portfolio to familiarize yourself with our work and capabilities.

We are the exclusive distributors of the Argentine instructional video on natural building, “El Barro, Las Manos, La Casa”, probably the best and most practical video for those interested in learning more about working with earthen materials and learning different wall-system techniques.  Click here for more info…

We produce adobe forms and brick molds of many sizes.  Contact us if you are interested in ordering a form so you can get right to making bricks for your natural building project!

In the future, we hope to offer a line of hand-crafted tools for craftspeople and natural builders.  Stay tuned.