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The Cabin Stove Plans


Plans detailing the construction of The Cabin Stove, a compact masonry heater / cookstove designed for meeting the heating and cooking needs of small spaces.

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Product Description

Important: this is a work in development!  By purchasing this plan set, you not only get detailed plans for the Cabin Stove and insight into innovative masonry heater design, you also support our efforts at further development of the concept.  Included, you will receive important updates by email and have access to the latest version of the plans within this edition.

What’s Inside

• An Introduction
• Making Pretzels Out of Chimneys
• The Patterns
• Process
• A Word About Safety (in the Context of Innovation)
• The “Sidewinder” Combustion Chamber
• Plans for the “Sidewinder”
• Plans for the Cabin Stove
• Plans for the Cabin Stove with Heated Bench
• Direction Forward & Feedback
• Acknowledgements

The document is currently 19 pages: 6 pages of text, 8 pages of schematic and course-by-course drawings, 1 page materials and cut list for combustion chamber and 2 pages of photo construction details.


  • The Cabin Stove – general page about this model’s development
  • The Cabin Stove Contact Form – please address email correspondence regarding pre-purchase and post-purchase follow-up questions via this form (eg. if you do not receive your pdf link right away.

Project Map:

  • Build a Cabin Stove in our shop
    • modify firebox
    • include water heating options
    • experience daily use first-hand
  • Put out a second version of the plan set with updates, materials schedule and budget worksheet.
  • Build an iteration at Masonry Heater Association Annual Gathering.
  • Keep developing open source hardware and documentation.
  • Documentation of experiences & advancement.


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