Masonry Heaters, Wood-Fired Ovens, Natural Building

Outdoor Kitchen Workshops at Dharmalaya

Wood-Fired Barrel Oven Workshop (July 16-17)

In this weekend workshop you will learn how to build yourself an affordable, practical and productive wood-fired oven.

  • Basics of making and laying adobe bricks
  • Construction of a vaulted arch
  • Principles of building for fire
  • Develop basic natural building intuition
  • Develop confidence for building your own useful structures

Wood-Fired Canning Stove & Natural Plasters (July 23-24)

Build an efficient wood-fired canning stove to conserve the harvest!  Also doubles as a large soup pot!
Learn to make and apply traditional earthen plasters by joining us in the finish work on the barrel oven.

  • Basics of making and laying adobe bricks
  • Principles of building for fire
  • Traditional methods to make and apply earthen plasters and paints
  • Apply skills to Natural/ Green Building and Eco Remodeling

Location/Host: Dharmalaya- Eugene, OR

Dharmalaya is an advanced model of sustainable living. Its progressive design features include: rainwater catchment, organic gardens, permaculture landscaping, photovoltaic electric system, solar hot water systems, constructed wetlands greywater system, composting systems, compost toilets, bioswales, and a variety of natural building features — strawbale construction, non-toxic materials, cob bus stop, earthen plaster walls, passive solar design, use of recycled materials, and sustainably harvested lumber. Dharmalaya has a large organic garden.


Max and Eva Edleson are accomplished natural builders who are dedicated to facilitating environments in which people can deepen their experiences with natural living crafts. There vast experience spans across mediums including a large variety of natural building techniques, woodworking, metalworking, farming and ceramics. Find out more about your instructors….

Workshop Details-

We will receive up to 10 students for either of the two weekend workshops.

Workshop Prices:
Wood-Fired Barrel Oven Workshop (2 days)-  $200
Wood fired Canning Stove & Natural Plasters (2 days)-  $200

Courses include fresh, locally grown lunches.

$50 deposit confirms your spot, Discount: $25 off for signing up for both workshops

Camping available for $15/night

Contact and registration:

Eva Edleson 503.333.9042


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