Outdoor Kitchen at Vistara: Wood-Fired Barrel Oven and Canning Stove

Ever dreamed of an efficient earthen oven that was hot in just 15 minutes?
How about a canning stove that could process 32 quart jars at once?


The new Wood-Fired Barrel Oven and Canning stove at Vistara!
Built with students during the Outdoor Kitchen Workshop Series!

These two cooking devices will soon be part of a full kitchen with shelving, a sink, wood-storage and more!  They will be connected by counter tops and sheltered by a roof providing ample space to prep and to gather. This will be a resource for the local community!

Vistara has a beautiful garden and many neighborhood fruit trees from which to harvest abundant produce to preserve.  The wood-fired canner is quick to heat up and can also double as a soup pot, stew pot, sauce pot, steamer, etc. Both the barrel oven and the canner were constructed with homemade adobe bricks and plaster formed with Vistara’s clay rich soil.  Thank you to our hosts and the amazing team that helped make this happen!

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Natural Building Extavaganza

Check out this sweet video of the Wood-Fired Barrel Oven!

Eva led the construction of a wood fired cook stove, a barrel oven, and a hot tub at the Natural Building Extravaganza in Asheville, NC!

There were many wonderful people who participated in the amazing 3 week program, organized by Kleiwerks International.  Additional projects included a Rumford fireplace, a slip strawdobe cottage, earthen and lime plasters, bas relief, bamboo arches and gates, timber framing and so much more.

Photos from the Natural Building Extravaganza!

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Hawthorn Farm Adobe Barrel Oven

This barrel oven was built in a summer workshop series that Max and Eva led at Hawthorn Farm in Washington.  The adobe bricks were made by the oven’s owner and friends in the preceding months and the oven was built along with students during a weekend.

The owner, Alexia Allen, has called us to share the joy of having both preparing small meals in the oven, as well as easily hosting pizza parties for over 50 people.

Alexia makes a celebratory fire with a bow drill.

Barrel ovens are efficient and easy to use.  They are quick to heat up, within 15-20 minutes of lighting a fire they are ready to bake in.  Once hot, they are easily kept at baking temperature for as long as needed.

New Barrel Oven in Asheville!

Sacred Grove Retreat Center Oven

Sacred Grove owners Ellen Whiteside and Tim Beebe

Eva was invited to participate in a wonderful project in a beautiful place, The Sacred Grove Retreat Center in Gold Hill, NC.  Ellen and Tim wanted to create an outdoor kitchen and learn about natural building.  Eva led a four day workshop where we built the oven and learned about how to cook in it.  The oven clay is from the retreat center’s 11 acres of verdant forest and provides the oven with it’s gorgeous golden plaster.  Tim constructed the roof structure and used a recycled billboard for the roof.  The base, with it’s lovely place for wood storage, was constructed by Steven Pettingil all from stones found on-site.

The Sacred Grove outdoor kitchen will continue to develop with the additions of adjacent countertops, storage and a grill and will be used by  the retreat center for it’s guests and numerous gatherings.  Thank you to all the friends and neighbors that helped to make this possible and thanks to my mom for the photo documentation of this project!

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Five Oaks Farm Oven

Five Oaks Farm is a small family farm located on the Henry Wilhelm Estate that was built in 1865 and is a historic landmark. The farm is located just off the Oregon Trail and was originally 160 acres with a house, chicken coop, sheep barn, stable, and black smith. The original outhouse is still hidden in the blackberries. The apple orchard, walnut tree and grape vines continue to fruit like gifts from the pioneers who settled here over 150 years ago.

Carol and Barry knew at first sight that the wonderful and historic Victorian house with a homestead apple orchard, original barns and five towering oak trees was where they wanted to live, grow their pesto business and raise their four boys.

They hired Eva to design and build this wood fired earth oven to establish and outdoor kitchen/gathering place near the vegetable garden.  The oven was created almost completely from on-site materials and by family and neighbors during a workshop Eva led in June 2009.   In addition to general baking and pizza parties,  they wanted this oven to bake fresh bread that they could serve along with their delicious pesto at weekly farmer’s markets: Dante’s Pesto.

Future plans for this gathering place include benches and counter tops that attach to the oven.

Thanks so much to all of the neighbors and friends that helped!  The roof structure was built by Mark Lakeman.

For more photos of this project, check out Eva’s blog post….

River Front Farm Oven

Using local materials and our creativity, we made an earthen oven at Riverfront Farm in Spokane, Washington. Eva led a 4 day workshop with community garden members about the ins and outs of earthen ovens, including how to bake in them.  The project was a part of “Green Jobs Now: National Day of Action to Build the New Economy”, in which we joined with 700 communities and 50,000 people across the North America.  The oven will be part of a bigger outdoor kitchen and band shell and is used by the neighborhood and by “Project HOPE” toward the development of youth micro enterprise projects. See more photos on my blog www.evalarevolution.blogspot.com

Another oven is born….


A “mixed-style” oven built for a gathering of 120 people at a remote location in a forest of Northern Argentina. Besides the barrel and other salvaged parts, this oven was built completely with materials we obtained from the location and using exclusively handtools.