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Richard Feynman Explains the Physics of Fire

I have always loved the notion that firewood represents stored light and heat from the sun. Making a fire in the winter time releases the sun’s latent light and heat during a time of year that it is less available.  This video of acclaimed physicist Richard Feynman helps one to understand these relationships:

Implicit in our work is the challenge to create the most efficient conditions for combustion as well as ease for our clients so that the experience of heat may be maximized while the work involved and pollution may both be minimized.

(Thanks to Norbert for posting this link to the MHA News)

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Beautiful Video of BioConstruyendo Patagonia 2011

This is a video summary of BioConstruyendo Patagonia 2011 – the second year of this wonderful natural building convergence that takes place in February in El Bolson, southern Argentina. Eva and I were instructors for this event last year. The location of the event is a community where Max has lived and put in a lot of work and energy over the years. His brother, Alex Edleson, continues to live and run a CSA farm there.

We love this video! It captures so much of what is special about natural building and the magic of El Bolson. Flor and Fede, the makers of the video, are extremely talented and continue to put out great work.

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Bioconstruyendo: Argentinian Natural Building Festival

We are really excited about this video.  It documents the events leading up to and during the natural building festival: Bioconstruyendo 2010 in El Bolson, Patagonia, Argentina.  Both Eva and Max were lead instructors for the event which was extremely successful.  So many great things were accomplished and so much fun was had!

Visit Bioconstruyendo’s website for updates and news of upcoming festivals!

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