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Firespeaking is led by Max and Eva Edleson. We are available to assist in design, teach workshops, consult and build. We have many years of experience in natural building, natural finishes, gardening, ovens and masonry heaters. We organize small workshops and large gatherings that bring people together to learn crafts. Please contact us to talk about your project!

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Summer is a time of action!

We are busily traveling to workshops and building projects as well as tending to our own productive spaces and garden at home.  We are excited to document the masonry heaters and wood-fired ovens that we will be building over the next couple of months.   Here are some updates we thought you might be interested in:

We have just received the first copies of the award-winning Natural Building video: “Mud, Hands, the House”.  This video, originally made in Spanish, features excellent instruction in many aspects of natural building and is now available for the first time with English subtitles.  Get yourself a copy, buy one as a gift, watch the trailer!…

Here is an oppotunity to learn practical skills with us….  We still have space in our August workshops!  We know of only one other wood-fired oven of this style built in North America and are excited to share how to build this extremely practical oven with others.  Find out more about this series of workshops which also includes hands-on educational opportunities in rustic-carpentry, earthen plasters and bread baking.

August 13-21 Natural Living Workshops – Woodinville, WA

Our new MEDIA section is a place for us to share updates, articles and videos.  Check out, for example, this fun video of Eva building an oven in Argentina… a video-summary of a natural building festival we were teachers at… or this announcement of the AWARDS WE WON! for our work at this year’s Masonry Heater Association Annual Gathering.

Explore the tabs above to find out more about what we do!

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Spring is a time to sow intentions…

Spring is well on its way.  We’re back from Argentina and excited about all the possibilities that are abloom on the North American continent.  Check out our calendar of workshops to see how you might join us in creating beautiful, functional and inspiring artefacts for daily life.

We continue our commitment to growing our buisiness with a focus on masonry heater building, wood-fired cook stoves, ovens, natural finishes and round pole timber framing.  Are you interested in having a masonry heater built in your home?  Are you considering how you might do a naturally-based retrofit of your existing home, imagining how a new natural plaster might give it new life or dreaming of building an ecological home in the future?  Look at the products that we offer and our portfolio of past projects to familiarize yourself with what we do…

Feel free to call or email us to further discuss projects.

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The winter solstice marks a new birth for Firespeaking!

Welcome to our new website. The onset of winter has brought time for visioning, renewing commitments and the creation of this exciting new platform of communication for Firespeaking.

We are strongly committing to growing our business in 2010 with a focus on masonry heater building, wood-fired cook stoves, ovens and round pole timber framing. We are renewing our commitment to facilitating and teaching natural building courses in California, the Pacific Northwest and Argentina. And we are excited to begin our on-line store which will be featuring what we consider to be the best video/DVD on natural building available as well as a new series of tools specially-made for natural builders.

So please enjoy perusing the new hallways of possibilities that these links offer and have confidence that friendly and inspired craftspeople are within your reach.

May we all keep the fire kindled inside!

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