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We can’t help but be passionate about what we do…. and how we do it.  So we wanted to share a little about how this website got from us to you in case you are interested in using a similar format for your own purposes.  As people who think a lot about the ways that technology has influenced our lives, our current conclusion about the internet is that it is indeed an incredible and powerful medium constructed and created by so many people around the world (with technical parameters somehow included in the poetry of the universe by the Great Creator!).  We are also continually aware of the danger of spending too much time at our computers, the way that this takes us away from being in touch with the simple miracles of nature, and what a bubble life on the internet can be.  All this said, let’s get to the nitty gritty….

This site was created and is maintained by Max and Eva Edleson.  We did not hire anyone although we got a lot of early coaching from Ankur Shah at Mangolandia and more recently are being peer-counceled by Matt Coffman who has created his own site Nashville Guitar Lessons / String Love Guitar .  You can see that each of these three websites serve our different purposes as creative entrepreneurs in the world but all share in common their underlying functionality.

Our sites are hosted by Dreamhost which has proven to be a very reliable and easy to use web service provider.  Once you have created an account with them which includes full website functionality as well as email in your new domain name (and many other features) we follow the simple steps to do a “1-click install” of WordPress.

WordPress provides the basic functionality for the website.  It is called a content management system and has an ingenious way of helping you to organize your content through organization in pages and posts (like articles) that are arranged through the way that you categorize them.  There are many free plug-ins which help you to add even more functionality.  It is very easy to set up a payment system through PayPal that synchronizes with your website.

There are many other ways to achieve similar results… this is the way that we have found to be simple and succesful.  If you do decide to try it out and put yourself or your business on the internet by using Dreamhost, we’d be very grateful if you’d include the following promo code when you are signing up:


This will save you $20 and will also provide us with a small commission (everything helps to keep our creative business going!).  If you are interested in consultation in the set-up, installation and design process…. Let us know.

We hope to continue to evolve this website into a more and more useful site.  We plan to provide more and more how-to information as well as provide easily accessible products that can help you create a succesful, sustainable household.

One of the best ways to keep up to date with us as we add new content, offer new services and complete new projects is to join our mailing list.

Another way that really helps us in getting more visibility is for you to link to us from your website.  You can link to our main page if you want to tell other people about us or you can link to a specific page or product to enrich the content of your own site.  If you didn’t know, the amount of links you have to and away from your site is one of the principle ways that Google determines how high to rank you in their search engine results (which for better or for worse can make or break a business these days).

We hope you have found this information useful and worthwhile!  Let us know if it has helped you!

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